Sunday, 17 February 2008

Getting Whooped by Sajan Nair

Played cricket this Saturday. First time in 2 months, since I messed up the foot. Set up a match with the Cricinfo people. Among other things, it definitely helped raise my profile amongst my colleagues -went from being 'that strange guy who falls asleep at his desk every afternoon and has a blocked nose almost everyday' to ' that guy who went to college with George Binoy'. It worked back at the bank as well.
We've got an intra-office cricket tournament coming up and the department is setting up it's team, so the match was to help us figure out exactly where we stand. It turns out that we stand mostly at the edge of the boundary, waiting to go retrieve the ball when it gets picked up from outside off to be planted anywhere between square-leg and long-on. We got to 74 of 12 overs, they got to that in about 6. Not a confidence-booster. At the end of it all, thankfully, my foot didn't hurt, although every other body part did.
Somewhat strange to think that the most exciting thing that's happening in my life right now is an intra-office cricket tournament. A year back I would've laughed at that thought. Two years back I might have even turned my nose up at it. Wonder if it means that my go-getter enthu is running out, or it's just me slowing down to Bangalore's pace.
Anyway, cricket is a better way to spend Saturdays than roaming about the neighbourhood checking out new department stores.

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