Sunday, 24 February 2008

Holy Matrimony

Kerala, as everybody knows, is God's own country. Like all good Malayalis, however, God too emigrated at the first opportunity, and now sends home monthly remittances to the family. The fact that God has done so well for Himself is a matter of great pride to His extended family as also sundry neighbours and friends. Although God no longer resides there, that has not stopped them from throwing their weight around based on their close proximity to the house of God. Of late, there has been some comment among the more aged relatives that it's about time He settled down, and the search has begun in earnest for a suitable bride. While it is in itself a difficult task to find a good God-fearing girl (for all good Malayali wives must fear their husbands, or at least appear to do so in public), the relatives admit in private that the greater difficulty lies in finding a girl with a father rich enough to afford a wedding reception fit for Divinity.


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  2. Hee hee. JC, you're a writer!

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  3. thanks. This just sort of wrote itself once i got that first line. though now looking at it I get the feeling the writing is a little bit awkward. I was trying to make this as concise and matter-of-fact as possible.