Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Another Brick in the Deewar

The D-school alumni network alerted me to this video on Facebook. Interesting way to get people to take notice of the old pink building. And I suppose they can be forgiven for claiming that students discuss the upcoming budget over coffee. They're usually discussing how to finish the course in 2 years without going through too much trauma. I wonder what the faculty thought of it, especially considering the stated opinion of at least one of them that the real world is 'a little over-rated'.

As for the policy suggestions, I'm not sure Chidambaram would be rushing to implement too many of them. Besides, some probably need to be fleshed-out more - for example, lower tax rates would prove useful only if you remove tax loopholes across the system. Also, I don't know how good an idea reverse mortgages are - besides the risks of predatory lending and incorrect/biased valuations, you would have to overcome low financial literacy/product awareness amongst senior citizens for it to have any serious impact.

Full marks for enthu though. Maybe now we'll get to see JNU remake Don, with an undercover capitalist infiltrating the politburo by impersonating Budhadeb.

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