Friday, 28 October 2011

Good News! OR A blog about a tweet about a Google Reader post

A long time ago, a year and a week, to be precise, I posted the following tweet:
OK after talking to  (and) I think if I ever get married I shall notify people on Google Reader.Just because.
Ladies  and gentlemen, consider me a man of my word. I'm getting married next April! The exact dates and other details are still being finalized, but what with Google considering removing the social features in Reader sometime soon, I figured I'd drop a note now.

That's pretty much all I'm willing to divulge on a public blog for now, but I can promise those of you that I know personally that I will be in touch soon via phone and/or email with more details. For the rest of you, um, thanks for reading, but I'm kind of private about stuff like this, y'know? I hope you understand.

And now, we return you to our regular programming...