Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A Few Clarifications

It has recently come to my attention that my mom is now blogging (Yay Mom!), and therefore it is possibly only a matter of time before she finds out about my own blog (if she hasn't come across it already). As a result, I think it is time to make a few clarifications about this blog, specifically with regard to the title, since I don't want to have to answer questions along the lines of 'but monae why do you think you might be ugly..?'. As you might have gathered from that dashing profile pic on the side-bar, the title does not, of course, describe me, and was not ever meant to.
A further clarification: since I started using Google Analytics in April 2008, I've had at least one hit a month on average from someone searching for whether the word 'cute' means 'ugly, but bearable', and I can safely say that it does not (see here for details, or perhaps even here). Having cleared that up, I will admit that I had first heard of the above bit of folk etymology back in college, and that's how I hit upon the title of this blog. The phrase 'ugly, but bearable', for the most part, serves well as a description of my outlook on life in general - shit crap bad stuff happens, but rarely is it ever overwhelming, and you carry on because that way hopefully less, or at least different, shit crap bad stuff will happen in future.
Now at this point I would have linked to my mom's blog as well, however, it seems that ever since I put up a post named 'The Hep Aunties of Khan Market', I seem to attract a few unseemly googlers looking for lascivious details on said aunties, and I'd rather not direct their attention towards my mother, or, for that matter, anyone else's.


  1. Thank you-ji thank you. Apparently a few people actually thought that the blog title referred to me, so the clarifications were very much in order.

  2. When I was in Delhi, your mum was insistent I put fundaes to her on starting a blog and fixing up her facebook profile. Somehow, the former slipped her mind. I guess she got someone else to get her started on it.

    Put link.