Friday, 29 February 2008

For Love or Money

He knew as she cut the call that he'd never speak to her again. It was inevitable, once he told her how much he earned. It was like a switch had gone off.
That was how it had been with most of the women (she wasn't the first, of course). What had surprised him about this one was how soon it had all ended. Usually he could keep them interested a little longer. That is, till they started talking about money and what he did for a living. He'd tried lying about it a couple of times, but they seemed to get the truth out of him eventually.
He'd now become so inured to the rejection that this one almost didn't sting. Besides, he consoled himself, that girl from GE Money would be calling him back on Monday, and she had that pleasingly-pleading tone in her voice of a girl who was behind on her monthly personal loan sales targets.

Happy Birthday, Kracker-boy! This one's for you.


  1. For me this is like a glimpse of a scary, alien world.

  2. is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing?

  3. Well, you've conveyed this world of materialism very well, but I'm glad I'm not in it!

  4. i'm sure you're driving at something deep here, but I'm not getting it.

    Heh, I was in the personal loan (affluent) department... I remember the CAMs, trackers and other assorted excel data organizers thingies that everyone made and no one looked at.

    Inured to rejection ha ha ha

    I had goat roti at this carribean place yesterday. Direct influence of Bihari indentured labour on cuisine of the carribean from a century or more ago, and I ate it for dinner in Washington DC., seat of the current ruling regime of the world. Food for thought huh?

    Btw, very innovative budday present.

  5. I guess you probably no longer have to deal with tele-sales reps so much anymore. I get approximately 2 calls a day from people trying to sell personal loans, credit cards, insurance etc.
    To be honest I wasn't aiming at anything too deep here. More like a stylistic exercise- keep it somewhat ambiguous ad leave in a twist at the end. There are probably at least 3 ways to interpret this story.