Friday, 1 February 2008

Enough Already!

Now that there's a final verdict on the Harbhajan incident and the ODIs are coming up, hopefully we'll be over and done with the monkey chants and go back to watching Sree Santh doing monkey impersonations. In the meanwhile, Prem Panicker summarizes the judgement and the subsequent media coverage quite nicely on his blog, Smoke Signals, with some good commentary of his own. His pieces on the IPL are pretty comprehensive too - I've now added his RSS feed to my Google Reader list.
A quick search on YouTube brings up this video of Bhajji taking on Symonds. Inconclusive evidence no matter what Michael Slater says in Part II of the clip, and thankfully Tony Greig balances him out somewhat.
My take: the ICC botched up when they let Procter adjudicate the first time around. I bet back in Dubai the head honchos of the ICC probably thought he'd be smart (and/or cynical) enough not to rock the boat. If the issue had been resolved properly at that first instance, the coverage of the series, if not the results themselves, would have turned out differently.

Anyway, that's that. Given how Harbhajan played in Adelaide, he may not play much of a role in the ODIs anyway. And the next time there's a problem, maybe the Indians can just challenge the Aussies to a break-dance competition.
I'll admit I'm becoming a YouTube junkie now.

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