Thursday, 28 February 2008

Kyonki Maham Anga bhi kabhi bahu thi

Watched 'Jodhaa Akbar' last night with Mohit and Mack. Show started at 10.00 PM, ended at 2.00 AM. 4 hours of slow period cinema that basically depicts Akbar as a hopelessly romantic sap who got bossed around by women and spent most of his time mooning around his zenana waiting to get some action from his wife. The acting makes the movie seem like a glorified school play, and given the amount of money spent on the locations , the costumes and the sets, there are hardly any great-looking scenes. The battle scenes look like they got truncated to save on production expenses, and the music's not that great either. Instead, all you've got Ila Arun playing Maham Anga like the evil mother-in-law from some Balaji soap opera.
My key take-away from the movie - work out like crazy, because when all else fails in trying to impress a girl, you can just take off your shirt and pose in front of her balcony and she's sure to get all weak-kneed and mushy in no time. Who said history never teaches us anything?


  1. you guys went to see jodha akbar?

    ha ha ha

  2. what can I say - mack wanted to get in touch with his BA (Hons) History roots...