Sunday, 17 February 2008

Saying Thanks for the little things

Now if only I could think of someone on my friend list on facebook to send this to...


  1. i think you shd send it to me j. in case you have not noticed let me remind you that your previous request on my wall has been adhered to very very strictly

  2. Isnt that the whole point of facebook...stick to Orkut then

  3. 3 comments? Yay! This is becoming one of my most popular posts, although I can't understand why.

    Yes John-John I do have a blog - got to keep up with you early-adapter types. What the heck is a millenium hand?? That sounds like an attempt at end-of-the-20th-century-coolness...tsk tsk

    Manjadi, I'd send it if I knew who you were.

    SC, I have no issues with useless apps as long as I'm not invited to use them. And Orkut has too many engineers from Dindigul wanting to make friendship.(

  4. which engineer from dindigul tried to make frienship with you?

    heh a post about social networking gets the maximum comments.

  5. "Millennium hand and shrimp."

    I'm quoting an author you've read. here's a clue: The Duck Man.