Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Consider Yourself Warned

Article in the National Post about the high (and possibly hidden) costs of long-distance relationships (via MR, again):

"If your boyfriend or girlfriend who lives 3,000 miles away is worth dating, it
better be high-quality because you might as well have no boyfriend or girlfriend
than a low-quality boyfriend or girlfriend who lives 3,000 miles away," says Mr.
Harford. "If you're going to visit for a weekend, you want a high-quality
weekend. You don't want to arrive and crack open a beer. You want lobsters, you want Champagne."

And they don't even talk about the phone bills. All-Purpose Economics once more comes to the rescue.It's also pretty amusing to find out that there's such a thing as the Institute of Long Distance Relationships. I wonder if they get their funding from Hallmark cards and such-like.


  1. There isn't any concept of STD or anything like that, so phone calls within the country are virtually free, so that's a possible reason why they don't talk much about it.

    How many of the 7 million are international versus within country long distance?

    Frankly, I don't understand the concept of a relationship out here...its much more casual

    but the Institute of Long Distance Relationships!?! and no economists! thats why no phone bills...

  2. whats interesting is the "developmentally stunted" status of long distance! even if its an eventual breakup. wow