Thursday, 21 February 2008

A (More or Less) True Story

Once upon a time, 4 men, including one Supposedly Wise One, were walking down to the Mother Dairy booth. It was late evening and the sky was clear of clouds and sprinkled with various shiny celestial bodies. One man looked up and saw an especially twinkly one, and claimed it was a planet. Another claimed it was a star, and the third for the sake of variety claimed it was part of a meteor shower. Much loud discussion ensued on who was correct.
All three then turned to the Supposedly Wise Man (SWM, henceforth) and asked him for his expert opinion. The SWM turned to them, gave them his most sagely, beatific smile and said, "The best way to ensure that your opinion is always considered to be an expert one, is to keep your mouth shut when you don't have a clue."
Such is the way of the SWM.

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