Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Running Commentary

For some reason I've gotten into a long and somewhat pointless argument with colours on Mumbai. I'm not sure who he/she is, all I know is that s/he posted a comment on my blog and then I checked out his/her blog and saw that post and it was late at night and I guess I do like Bombay enough to stand up for it and anyway it's better than B'lore and well you know it's pretty late as I write this as well which is why this is such a long and pointless sentence.
Anyway, go read the post and the comments if you're bored and have bandwidth. Put down any comments you may have. (Note: I reserve judgement on any other content on the blog - it's not really stuff that makes me go wow!, but hey if it pushes your buttons then good for you).
Colours, you can thank me later for the plug.

UPDATE: Ah shucks! Looks like colours has decided that he/she doesn't want to come out and play. Um... Sorry?


  1. George once did a post that said that of the three cities he's lived in, he likes Delhi best. Quite surprising. I guess Bangalore is losing its charm eh?

  2. I think this calls for a full-on post sometime. Watch this space!

  3. Yes yes. I've subscribed to this space, even.