Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Laid up in Lutyens' Delhi

In Delhi currently, confined to bed thanks to a ligament tear around the ankle that's resulted in my foot being stuck in a cast all the way from my knee to my toes. Picked up the injury on Saturday playing cricket with a few people from work, including, thankfully, my boss, since it meant that convincing him to give me leave was relatively easy. Chased a ball, lunged forward, landed on a rock that did, forwards. Didn't think it was so bad at first, but by evening I was hobbling around on one foot. Dad was in Bangalore on work on Sunday so we we nt to a doc who poked around a little, took a cursory look at an X-ray and pronounced it to be an inversion of the ligament (at least I think that's what it is, his handwriting was a little illegible). After trying unsuccessfully to get some kind of hep stocking kind of thing (“you know the kind of thing females wear in English movies?”, as he thoughtfully explained), he wrapped the leg up in cotton and slapped on the plaster of Paris. Dad insisted that I fly to Delhi with him, and since I didn't particularly like the idea of spending a week alone at home hopping on one foot, I came over quietly. Flying with him has advantages, since I got transported around on a wheelchair instead of hobbling on crutches around the airport. Felt a little strange though to have the airport staff tell us that they had to do the same thing for Vajpayee and Somnath Chatterjee when they came down to Bangalore. Made me feel like chipping off the cast and claiming it's only a small twist and then hopping away manfully on one foot.
The compulsory bed-rest in Delhi hasn't been so bad so far – less Metamorphosis, more Return-of-the-Prodigal-Son-who-otherwise-pretends-to-be-too-busy-to-come-home-to-visit-his-Parents. Except for the fact that the toes on my left foot (the one with the cast) freeze a little sometimes, life here has been much more cushy than in B'lore. Must make sure I don't start liking it too much-otherwise I might be more amenable to all the senti I'll get on how I should move back to Delhi to spend time with the parents while I still can and how then I'll have someone to look after me in this big, bad world. It's tough to counter-argue that you're trying to stand on your own two feet, when one of them is stuck in a cast and you're laid up on your backside.
Anyway, I hope to catch up on some reading and loads of TV. Maybe even get more blogging done.

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