Sunday, 9 March 2008

'Papa, main rabbit hoon, aap bear ho;kya Mummy rabbit thi?'

Back in Bangalore after a weekend in Cal. Very entertaining all around. Stayed with Mukhi and family. Attended a wedding reception and a wedding (both at the same venue but on different days), had a chicken roll off Park Street and ate a rum ball at Flury's. I've come to the conclusion that Cal would be a delightful place to slowly go to seed in - life is laidback, the food is good (and cheap), the people are helpful and it would be pretty easy to throw pseudo-intellectual angles while blowing up all my money on books and DVDs of French movies which I would never actually get around to watching.
I got to form part of Dhruv's entourage at the press conference for a Bong movie. The press (one cameraperson and 2 journalists) left half-way through a panel discussion between the actors, but they very sportingly went on with it for a bit, with about 3 people in the audience, including me. Much fun, though.
I also got to see an improv 'movie' put up by Mukhi's 7-year-old niece, with stuffed toys playing the lead roles in a total potboiler involving an underworld don (played by Winnie-the-Pooh), his supposed daughter (played by an earless, stuffed rabbit named Namunazhen Nihkhazhen, Namuna for short) and sundry other characters. The title is one of the dialogues from the 'movie'.
You have to admit, it's one of the best masala movie dialogues you'll ever hear.


  1. Hmm. So all in all a positive Cal review eh?

    (Funnily enough I'm listening to a song right now that keeps saying "Laid back" over and over again. It's called Over and Over. Murthy just blogged about it.)

    You're right about the dialogue. Precocious 7 year old eh?

  2. like i said - a nice place to go to seed in. considering i'm still trying to make it as a corporate wage-slave, it's still not where I'd want to be based out of. Although I'm not sure why it is the way it is. It's got a lot of the basics that Bangalore has - good educational institutes, inexpensive living standards and loads of Bengali techies, and it's got better roads.

  3. incidentally, Y, as per Dhruv, you and I are the best examples of how one's personality changes under the influence of alcohol.

  4. "the trouble with scotland is that its full of scots"

  5. Hee hee. My wild personality swings under the influence are a thing of the past. One integrates drunkenness eventually.

    I still remember the story of you waking up at a bus stop after a Grad-D party or something.

  6. That story will be shared much, much later. Possibly as part of 'Plan B'...