Monday, 31 March 2008

The Hard Rock Cafe Book Society

I suppose I could claim that this picture is a juxtaposition of the old Bangalore with the new,but then I have very little clue about either.
I think I might have been a little over-critical of Bangalore because of a lot of other reasons. Realised that when I met with Mukhi and his wife and saw how optimistic they were about having moved here. Also realised how poorly informed about Bangalore I am. While this does not change my relative rating of the city as being worse than both Mumbai and Delhi, perhaps I will be less harsh on it. No promises, though.
Incidentally, I didn't actually go into the cafe, in case you're wondering.


  1. Ah. I love Bangalore. It's because of the times I've had there. Delhi and Bombay are gigantic... But Bangalore has these nice bits --- sort of homely.

    What a location they found for the Hard Rock Cafe!

  2. the cafe wasnt there a yr back if i remmber. u'v finally gotten out of koramangala. ull realise blore is quite nice. for all those ppl who dont work in n around hosur

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  4. damn! That's why I didn't want to allow anonymous comments...I go crazy trying to figure out who the mystery commenter is.

    I do get out of Koramangala, although mostly to places which are within a fairly walk-able range, so I can enjoy the weather and avoid having to haggle with auto-wallahs on the way back. And I don't work in and around Hosur.

    @y: the fact that Delhi and Bombay are comparatively gigantic means that there are more nice, homely pockets spread all around. Also, those cities have a bit more diversity in the homely bits - for example, CR Park in Delhi or those Parsi colonies in Bombay.

    (Please ignore the fact that I deleted a commnet - it was the same as this one, only with a few spelling mistakes and messed-up grammar)

  5. I liked the areas of Delhi that I was familiar with, but Bombay I don't much care for. I wouldn't want to live anywhere other than Colaba. And the monsoon is just miserable.

    You can use "delete forever" and therefore erase any evidence of errant comments.

  6. also, if you're obsessive-compulsive about this grammar/spelling stuff, then that commnet might need to be revised too...

    by the way, is this sssrth?

    i hear they're opening a hard rock cafe in hyd too, albiet in one of those big new fancy mall thingies. wouldn't matter, because i'll never manage to get in: hyd has too many people with too much money, and few places to spend it. the power of demand-outstripping-supply can truly be observed on a saturday night in hyderabad.

    i have little love for any city, really. but i like those little places in bombay, like bagel shop, or monde's...

  7. Nope, this is not ssrth! This is a former QC prez from when I was in 2nd year.

  8. Yes well, commnets can get damn irritating to get right. I blame it all on spell-check - once you get used to it, you let you're spelling go wild.

    I have no clue who or what sssrth is. I'm guessing you're the Kasewa from Maths.