Thursday, 6 March 2008

Prison Break: Chinese edition

The delivering of milk powder by no means achieves any sort of propaganda
purpose, nor will it become any sort of noble symbol; delivering milk powder is
just the goal. So, the means are many, and anything goes. The milk powder
delivery method written of in “Rushing Freedom City” reads like a citizen
storming straight into a trap; as brave and praiseworthy as it is, it's not the
approach for me. I remember once being told that even though losing your head
and shedding blood sounds quite heroic, it's just not something worth losing a
head or spilling blood for. So I had to think this action through. The opponents
are security agency professionals, so I must be sufficiently prepared.

That's from "Hack into Freedom City", posted on Link via How the World Works. Well worth a read on a Thursday when you're waiting for the weekend.

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