Monday, 10 March 2008

Come out, come out, wherever you are

That last post was my 50th published one, so I guess this calls for a bit of a celebration. I wound up my last blog after about 10 posts or so, so I'm pretty proud of this. The quality of posts has admittedly not been uniformly good, and I probably have not found my true blogging voice yet, but it still feels good to put some stuff out there. It's also good to know, based on the comments, that there are at least 2 people out there who read this blog reasonably regularly. Getting feedback can get addictive (I'm looking at you, Y), but on the whole, knowing that there's someone out there reading what I write does make me want to write better, which is what this blog has been about.
So, to celebrate 50 posts, I'm inviting everyone (anyone?) who reads this blog to drop me a comment to let me know you're there and what you've liked/disliked so far. Thank you all for being here, and I hope you've not been too bored by my writing.

PS: I'm hoping someone other than the regulars will drop a comment, or else I will have to create dummy Google IDs and leave posts on my own blog so I don't look too stupid...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Well done JC! Congrats on your half-century.

    You're right, comments do egg us on to write better.

    Dummy IDs!? Sheesh, I'll just make my comments really long or something!

  3. Oh Good show. My blogs've never moved out of single digits. 50 puts you in the Marginal Revolution league!!

    I only recently found your blog.

    Y - Double spacing to make your comments longer is cheating.


  4. mwah mwah. and I suggest activating anonymous comments

  5. thank you thank you thank you, you are all too too kind.

    @ manjadi - I will try the anon comments thing.

  6. wow 50 fucking posts man...

  7. see now that's why I wasn't too keen on anon comments in the first place...I'll go crazy trying to figure out who the anonymous commenter is. I'm incredibly curious to begin with, so the thought of having secret commentators is going to keep nagging away at the back of my mind.

  8. HA HA HA HA ...
    okay clue number one.
    the anonymous commenter likes buttertoast, nimbu pani & mother diary ice cream

  9. Your blog is in need of a

    Anon commenter also subscribes to A Word A Day

  10. Hmm, I see a subscription to A Word A Day does not help in distinguishing between a journal and a place for vaccimulgence.

    However, that subscription does tell me that you've probably been word-listing for GRE/GMAT. I can also quess with reasonable accuracy that you're a female Stephanian (butter toast and nimbu pani - if you were a guy you would have mentioned the scrambled eggs or mince) and in some way linked to the mysterious Manjadi. You also have repressed anger issues, given the use of abusive language.
    Apart from all that, I still have no idea who you are 8-)

    And incidentally, I like the colour blue, so it stays. Also, I do not subscribe to AWAD.

  11. here i am.

    btw in a curious coincidence i just had buttertoast and masala chai.

    can you get rid of word identification?

  12. Hello Kracker! You're late 8-)

    The word verification was to avoid spam etc. I'll deactivate, though if you start seeing plugs for Viagra in my comments, know that you were responsible...