Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Nauseating Mawkishness

College seems to be having a lot of issues at the moment, first with the sexual harassment case and now the whole "The OSD who would be Principal" saga. Dr. Thampu is a nice person, but it is really idiotic on the part of the college authorities to not do a basic check to see if he had a PhD or not. How tough is that?
Amongst all the coverage I could find on HT's site, this passage really scared me:

M.S. Frank, the 54-year-old vice-principal of the college, is one of the
contenders. He was declared the protem administrator till a regular principal is
appointed. Frank, a faculty member in the chemistry department, said he intended
to apply for the post of the principal.

“I have a doctorate in Chemistry from Andhra Pradesh University and have been associated with the college for the last 27 years,” said Frank.

Difficult days lie ahead, it seems. And they haven't even gotten around to discussing that most vexing question - what will happen to Block Cricket with so many women's blocks?


  1. College news is depressing. At least we had a nice time there! Let's just stick to nostalgia.

    How many women's blocks are there now?

  2. There are 2 now - Allnutt South and Rud South, butI hear ANGA is next in line. Apparently women are now also being thrown into the mud pit on Holi and stuff, so we may see them taking up sledging at block cricket matches as well. Somehow, that just wouldn't seem the same, though.