Wednesday, 26 November 2008

All Ur Lolspeak r Orginaly Belong 2 Indian Criket Fanz!!1!

In the years to come, as linguists document the rise of Lolspeak as the lingua franca of pet owners with too many cute-sy pictures and too much free time, they will also come to realize that a parallel argot evolved independently amongst the various cricket fans of the Indian sub-continent, almost simultaneously with the rise of cheap text messaging and Cricinfo. It allowed them to vent their their spleen on the various imperialist know-it-alls who dared to make any disrespectful remarks against their cricketing demi-gods, without requiring the patience to identify either constructive criticism or syntactical correctness (to say nothing of the tedium of perfect spelling). 
It would seem to be only a matter of time in this vastly inter-linked world before the two language forms would come together, and yet it looks like there's nothing out there yet. 
And so, without further ado, I present : LOLballz!! (in case you ask, LOLBatz was already taken).

And Finally,

PS: Han, I thought about the initial part of this post a while back, though seeing the lulz on your blog gave me a definite push in terms of figuring out how to flesh it out. 
PPS: Yeah,  ok the commentariat's English isn't as badly mangled as all that, I just needed an excuse to put these up anyway.