Monday, 25 August 2008


This sign's been up on the wall on the break-out area (basically, that means 'where the coffee machines are'), on my floor in office for well over a year now. Although whoever put it up probably did not mean it that way, the silence really did disturb me the first time, when I visited the place for my interviews. Since then, I've gotten accustomed to it.
I realized that today when I met a former colleague from the Bank who told me I had become much quieter since I changed jobs. I told him that was my default mode, I had to adapt to the Bank. The only problem with the silence is that it can make you forget that you need to speak up sometimes.

In case you were wondering, I took a picture of the sign during the week, before I met him. I was originally planning to weave it into a story of some sort about workplace angst or something. That didn't materialize though. Just not in the frame of mind for that sort of thing, really.
I do have a couple of posts half-typed out for a week now, so maybe I will get back to regular blogging pretty soon. See you then.
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  1. The silence is deafening eh?

  2. Well not so much anymore. Back at the Bank my team shared the floor with people who handled collections calling for home loans - basically getting after people who had fallen behind on their EMIs. That was a whole lot louder, I can assure you.

  3. Silence - your default mode? :)
    Even I remember walking through HSBC and it will be like a graveyard. Everyone will be hush hushing.. then it became a bit better..

  4. Yep - silent is the default mode. Even for my cell.