Thursday, 1 May 2008

At the foodcourt

I wonder if what they say about the abyss
Holds true for crowds as well:
As I look out at all of them,
Imagining their stories -
Their lives, loves, vices, workouts,
Do they look in to see
The teriyaki sauce dribbling down my chin?


  1. Nothing like a Nietzsche reference!

    Tommy and I used to comment a lot about street scenes and such. Took us a while to realize we were part of the scene.

  2. I thought this up while eating at the aforementioned food court, and I couldn't remember who said that thing about the abyss at that time. Just remembered the line, that's all. Typed it out on my phone and published it, which is why there are a few punctuation errors in there.

  3. Ooh. Phone-blogging. Nice.