Thursday, 29 January 2009

A Secondary Blog, and a little tweeting

Growing up as a Mallu kid outside of Kerala, part of my affinity to my home state is built on the fact that I watched a lot of Malayalam movies as a kid. While in Delhi we used to rent video-tapes from a guy who would come around every weekend on a scooter, and every time we went to Kerala in the summer, we would go watch at least a couple of movies in the theatre (usually the Pattom Kalpana theatre in Trivandrum). While most movies were fun to watch, Mohanlal’s movies were a special treat. He’d end up playing these fallible, slightly-flawed, very human (as opposed to superhuman) characters stuck in difficult situations where their innate goodness/impish charm/comic timing would (mostly) win through, allowing them to get the girl, sing a couple of songs, cultivate a comic sidekick and, quite often, strike a blow for the proletariat.
A few days ago I found a whole host of clips from Mallu movies on YouTube, which brought back memories. I first thought of doing just one or two posts right here on this blog, but then I figured it could be a whole side project, at least for a while. Hence an all-new tumblelog (a nod to Han for restarting my interest in Tumblr - I'd created an id but ran out of ideas on what to do on it). 
I plan to link to a fun scene in the movies I’ve seen and provide a plot outline for them. This isn’t a work of scholarly research, just me posting about movies I enjoyed growing up. So do drop by and leave a comment. Incidentally, if you’re wondering about the URL, that’s the name of one of my favourite Mohanlal movies. 

Also, I think I'm going to get active on Twitter again. I'm a little too low on motivation and inspiration to type out longer posts. The little box on the top right on this page has my Twitter stream. 

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