Friday, 24 October 2008

Structure and Discipline

(That's supposed to be time on the X-axis, Enthu level on the Y-axis. It's oriented like that because it wouldn't fit otherwise within my blog template. Also, my handwriting is tough enough to read without having to try and read it with your neck twisted.)
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  1. I like how google reader appears near the peaks. I can relate!

  2. You'd be surprised to find out how much this would resonate with practically everybody across the floor - so long as you use "Google Reader" as a metaphor, that is.
    Me, I couldn't agree more - if anything, I don't bother closing Reader altogether!
    And forgive me for nitpicking - but I'm guessing you'd go to sleep at 2 in the morning, not the afternoon. Or am I missing some deep irony? ;)
    Awesome post!

  3. @han - I've become something of an RSS addict. It fits in well with my shortening attention span.

    @ashish - I do have a vague idea about how it resonates across the floor - one 'advantage' of sitting right in the corner is that I walk past quite a few desks when getting coffee/water/taking a leak, so I see what people are doing on their comps (I like to think of it as being inquizitive and curious, as opposed to being an intrusive so-and-so). And you are right about the 2.00 AM error- If you look at when I posted this, it was past that time, so I think I should be allowed that leeway...

  4. Lol - you certainly should. :)

  5. LOLmax!

    That was hilarious.

    I'm not sure if it was intended, but the ZZZZZ shape of the graph was killer! Your mind subconsciously telling you to stop staying up so late, doing such arbit things, and go to sleep?

    I must keep up with my RSS feeds more regularly, I'm only seeing this now, almost 48 hours later!

  6. sorry cucumber-boy, there was no connotation attached to the shape of the graph, beyond the obvious. I was originally aiming for a proper sine wave, but figured that would be too tough to draw free-hand. Now I don't want you to start analyzing what the SSSSS shape of that sort of a graph might have implied, thank you very much.

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  8. Simply brilliant post. Mine would have ' gun man arriving' and 'people harassing me for high interest rates' on the off-peak and 'Dinner at the same place in Tumkur' would be the abyss.
    I find the "listen to maid's sob story" bit funny. Its time George wrote a post on his maid's never ending excuses for absence.

  9. 'gun man arrives'?? I'd never be able to top that. How about an exposition on that?