Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy Onam!

This is what you get when you get home late from work on Onam and end up watching 'Blade 2' on TV. The name was originally thought of as the punchline to the following not-so-funny joke :"What do you call a Mallu assault rifle?"
Feel free to invent your own back-story in the comments below.
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  1. Happy Onam! I like the pic! Loads of possibilities. Alternatively, you could have created Heckler-Kochamma, scourge of standup commedians the world over.

  2. funny shit. :D

    How about Heckler Kochumon instead? It\He'd be an assault rifle in more than one sense of the word.

    You spent your Onam watching Blade 2? Tsk Tsk. You could've at least switched on Asianet and watched one of the Onam special movies, you fraud mallu.

    A belated Happy Onam btw!

  3. Thank you both. Wasn't sure if this would go down too well. The company that makes the rifle is called Heckler and/und Koch, hence the need to put in a conjunction.

    For some strange reason, the ad on the top of the page I linked to displays an ad for, (see here)
    which is just funny in itself. Not sure what ads you guys get to see.