Sunday, 27 July 2008

New Toilet Reading

It's been a while since I blogged. First I was traveling, then I caught a fever and a sore throat, then I just realized my life was too boring to blog about, and then just when I thought I'd put up a post anyway, bombs went off all over Bangalore and blogging just didn't seem like top priority anymore, y'know. Anyway, yesterday I was at the Landmark bookstore at the Forum mall, and I flipped through the new edition of Rolling Stone India, which I then bought today and hope shall provide sufficiently interesting reading in the loo for a couple of weeks to come. It had this interview with Chris Martin of Coldplay, titled, 'The Jesus of Uncool'. While it's obvious that Martin is quite media-savvy now despite any appearance of un-cool-ness, with interesting sound bytes strewn throughout the interview, I found this quote really interesting:
But despite it all, Martin can't stop feeling like an underdog. 'You've got to be hungry,' he says. 'If your wife went out with Brad Pitt, you'd want to prove yourself, you know what I mean?'
I'm not sure if I should dislike him for being a wannabe with a Hollywood star for a wife, or like him more for being truthful about it. Makes him more human than, say, St. Bono of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Incidentally, after I got back from Landmark I turned on the news to find that a live bomb had been found and defused near the mall that morning. No wonder there weren't that many people around.


  1. St Bono ha ha ha

    bombs in bangalore...whats going on?

  2. It means that the terrorists have finally bought into the hype that Bangalore is now a big city and hence worthy of their ire. We may not have electricity or roads or much infrastructure to speak of, but heck we're rich enough to have a few crazies pissed off at us. And then we're blase enough after the blasts to rip off the old Mumbai attitude of claiming that life will go on and nothing's going to stop us from splurging at end-of-season sales.

  3. 'we' bangaloreans? do I note a (begrudging)sense of belonging?

    And since when is getting on with life a solely Mumbaikar trait? We (although I live in Chennai now) may get mad and break a few window panes when a dig actor dies, but at least we don't go on communal cleansing drives and then delude ourselves with some vague romantic notions how wonderfully cosmopolitan our city is.

  4. the gora's here are wondering if i'll be safe...its funny how bombs going off are treated in India.

    Here if a firecracker went off it'd be breaking news for a month.

    Anyway, but why bangalore and ahmedabad? And why haven't the crazies realized that these bomb blasts dont really work.

  5. The goras would probably want uncle Bush to bomb the place just in case. Why Bangalore and Ahmedabad, you ask? Well Aunty Sushma Swaraj has the answer. It's one heck of a conspiracy theory.

    @ Cousin Cucumber: I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to be in Bangalore for at least another year, if not longer. I had promised a long time ago when I started the blog that I would someday write on how I compared all the different cities I've lived in so far, but I haven't gotten around to doing that as yet. Maybe when I do I will be able to explain my fascination for Mumbai...