Sunday, 27 January 2008

Top Gear does the Reva

If you like cars and/or quirky BBC programming, you've probably seen Top Gear. I don't think they telecast it on BBC here in India anymore - at least I haven't seen it (come to think of it, I haven't seen anything on BBC in some time) but thankfully, YouTube again comes to the rescue. Here's a video of them doing evil things to a Reva. If you've lived in Bangalore, you've probably seen the Reva around - it's that tiny electric car looks like a curvaceous golf cart with doors. I saw a couple in Mumbai as well - parked in the dealership, not actually on the streets, because I guess if people want to get all cooped up and sweaty they'll just take the Borivli local - but otherwise, you can hardly see them in any other city in India. Apparently it's exported to Britain as well, and a few months ago I remember there was something in the news about one of them bursting into flames or something.

I wonder what they'd do to a Nano if they ever get their hands on one...

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