Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Now taking Requests

What with work getting more and more hectic and my comp crashing and with the IPL, I haven't blogged in ages. There are a couple of half-formed posts in my head, but I'm probably going to let them swim around for a bit till I can type them out on a comp instead of on my phone, which is what I'm doing for this post.
Instead, to spur myself into writing something and to see if anybody still bothers to read the blog, I am going to steal an idea from Tyler Cowen and invite regular readers to nominate topics they would like me write about. Obviously, since I am nowhere near being the sort of stud that Cowen is, I hope the topics will revolve around stuff where it makes sense to have me write something original, rather than pasting stuff from Wikipedia or something. Also, since I'm typing on my phone, stuff that doesn't require me to type out long essays would be preferable.
So far I haven't really established any particular tone or style for this blog, so hopefully this will give me an idea about what sticks with the regular readers, and what aspect of my writing sucks. Let me know what you think.